Harley-Davidson® Platinum Plus® MasterCard Credit Card

Harley-Davidson® Platinum Plus® MasterCard Credit Card

Annual Fee
Interest Rate
Min Income
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Offer Details

  • No annual fee

  • 1.99% promotional annual interest rate† (AIR) on balance transfers✪ for the first 10 full months

  • Earn 1 Genuine Rewards Point or every $2 in eligible purchases‡

  • Redeem your points for Harley Chrome® Cash‡ to be used at participating Harley-Davidson Canadian retailers

  • Use your card for eligible purchases and you may be entered in a quarterly Harley-Davidson motorcycle draw‡

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Card Facts

Network: MasterCard
Institution: MBNA
Card Type: Rewards, No annual fee
Reward Types:
Reward Point Value: $0.01

Fees & Interest

Purchase Interest Rate: 19.99%
Cash Advance Interest Rate: 24.99%%
Balance Transfer Interest Rate: 21.99%%
First Year Annual Fee: $0
Annual Fee After First Year: $0

Household Income: $0
Credit Needed: Good


Travel Accident: Included
Travel Cancelation: Not available
Travel Medical: Not available
Travel Intrerruption: Included
Flight Delay: Not available
Baggage: Not available
Rental Vehicle: Included

The Harley-Davidson® Platinum Plus® MasterCard CAD currency credit card is issued by MBNA and runs on the MasterCard Network.

The MasterCard Network is one of the largest proprietary global electronic payment network similar in size to Visa. They offer credit, debit, or prepaid cards many times co-branded with other companies such as financial institutions since MasterCard does not have the capability to underwrite credit or offer deposit accounts on their own.

The purchase interest rate for this credit card is: 19.99% percent annually. The transfer balance interest rate is: 21.99% per year. Also the cash advance rate is: 24.99% per year.

Travel accident insurance is included on this card. Travel accident insurance is a policy specialized for travel accidents that could occur when traveling abroad. Travel accident policies can cover your family while purchasing tickets on common transportation carriers such as airplanes, buses, boats and trains on your credit card.

Travel interruption insurance is also included on this card. This type of insurance also referred to as trip delay insurance, applies in situations when you have to change flights after your initial departure date. Therefore this policy runs during your trip (from the departure to return date) and can be used when a trip has to be cut short or extended.

Car rental insurance is also included on this card. Collision and damage coverage is a popular feature on credit cards that can save you money. Without this insurance policy you could be spending anywhere from $16 - $25 per day for vehicle insurance if you don't have this coverage. However it's important to note that most credit cards do not provide liability coverage therefore any damage to other cars, property or people would not be covered.

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