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Credit Cards for Balance Transfers

Balance transfer cards offer low interest rates normally for a period of 6-12 months. These cards can be useful to combine debt into one low interest card that would save you money and help get you out of debt faster.

Business Credit Cards

Business owners can collect significant rewards for day to day office spending they would normally spend anyway. All those business trips, client dinners and hotel stays can add-up to valuable discounts and bonuses.

Cash Back Credit Cards

Cash Back can be one of the simplest forms of collecting rewards on your credit card for every day spending. Some cards offer increased cash back percentages for certain categories such as travel, groceries and shopping.

Low Rate Credit Cards

A low interest rate credit card can make your debt management a little easier. If you have multiple credit cards with balances, a low interest credit card can be used to consolidate your debt from other higher interest cards.

No Fee Credit Cards

While most luxury rewards cards come with an yearly fee, there are also many credit cards with no annual fee. No fee cards can still offer very attractive rewards to card holders and in fact some of the best cards we list do not charge fees.

Rewards Credit Cards

Rewards cards offer above average returns though points or cash back if used properly. They are designed as loyalty programs that reward you toward typical purchases such as Groceries, Restaurants, Airfare, Shopping and more.

Store Credit Cards

Do you love to shop at certain stores? We all have our favourite brands. Store credit cards are issued by big retailers such as Walmart or Canadian Tire and can help you accumulate rewards faster if you frequently purchase from them.

Student Credit Cards

If you are still in school, these student credit cards can offer you value, no or low fees and still collect rewards. These cards normally have lower income requirement because they know as a student your income is limited.

Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards can offer rewards such as no foreign transaction fees, special access to airport lounges, free checked backs, priority boarding and free hotel nights.

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Choosing a credit card that gives you maximum value & flexibility can be easy. All you need to make an informed decision is here on Our website analyses every variable to determine which is the best credit card based on your spending habits. is updated daily with most up-to-date information regarding credit card deals and offers. Weather you’re looking for the most travel rewards or the lowest rate credit card, we have you covered.

Our Mission

We believe that consumers should be better informed regarding financial decisions. While a credit card has often become a necessity, it’s not always a transparent and easy decision. Due to our credit card analytics, finding the best credit card in Canada has gotten a lot smarter and easier.

How We Help In Choosing The Best Credit Card?

Comparing rewards credit cards can be difficult because of the variety of rewards offered by different cards and also because most cards value their points differently. So more points is not always better. In reality most consumers pick a card by simply going to their local bank and asking for one. Many of the times the fine print & reward rules are ignored which can cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars per year or that trip to Hawaii the wife has been asking for 10 years. Seriously we compare everything - but when it comes to important financial decisions the average person just takes what their bank offers them. So we feel comparing credit cards makes a lot of sense.

We automate the calculations for all credit cards in our database and rank them based on how much money equals the rewards you will earn. We believe this is the best way to compare credit card offers and actually see what benefit they bring to your existing or potential spending per month. We also consider your preferences such as traveling or simple cash back programs that enable you to easily collect rewards without much fuss.

Are Your Rewards Calculations 100% Accurate?

While we do our best to ensure the quality of our calculations 100% accuracy is a false claim. Best to think of our rewards calculations as “estimates”. We are 99% accurate, but cannot be always perfect because credit cards change their offers & terms often. However our editors do their absolute best to maintain accuracy of our content and calculations.

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