About us

InterestRates.ca was built on the belief that Canadians need better ways to make financial decisions. Many Canadians simply go to their local bank without shopping around as they do for other products. That is partly because deciding on a credit card can be an intimidating experience due to the lack of transparency. Calculating each credit card’s rewards can be a frustrating experience and no doubt few people go though that trouble. That’s why we make comparing credit cards from different providers easy and fun. Our website editors work hard to provide automatic estimates of the cash value each credit card provides you, based on your spending habits. Join us to change the way people shop for a credit card.

Save Time & Money

Comparing hundreds of cards manually can take months, that’s why we use computers to analyze what is the best deal for you. The hidden secret in the credit card industry is that no 2 card offers are alike. Each card’s point scan have a very different value, therefore it makes it very difficult to compare. That’s why we dig though all the fine print for each card and adjust our calculations frequently. This way you can rest assured that we are factoring every aspect into our calculations to show you exactly how much money you can earn using that card. Save your time for your family and make comparing credit cards an easy and pleasant experience.

How our Calculations Work?

Our calculation engine factors in all the variables collected by our editors who update credit cards on a daily basis. We spend a lot of time reviewing credit card details so you don’t have to. This means that the correct formulas are applied to all credit cards that we track in our database. The result is that you can easily calculate all the credit cards at once, allowing you to make a fair judgement on what is the best card for you.