Desjardins Cash Back Mastercard

Desjardins Cash Back Mastercard Credit Card

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Offer Details

  • Get 1% cash back on contactless payment transactions and pre-autorized payments to service providers, and 0.5% on all your other purchases. Your account is automatically credited when you accumulate $25 cash back.

  • Mobile Device Insurance

  • 3-Day Travel Insurance

  • Zero liability in case of fraudulent use of your card

  • Up to 10% hertz discount

  • Cash advances up to $2,500 per day

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Card Facts

Institution: Desjardins
Card Type:
Reward Types:
Reward Point Value: $

Fees & Interest

Purchase Interest Rate: 19.9%
Cash Advance Interest Rate: 19.99%
Balance Transfer Interest Rate: 19.99%
First Year Annual Fee: $0
Annual Fee After First Year: $0
Second Card Fee: $0


Personal Income: $
Household Income: $0
Credit Needed:


Travel Accident: Included
Travel Cancelation: Included
Travel Medical: Included
Travel Intrerruption: Included
Flight Delay: Included
Baggage: Included
Rental Vehicle: Not available

This CAD currency 30 is issued by Desjardins and runs on the MasterCard Network. The purchase interest rate for this credit card is: 19.9 percent annually and the transfer balance interest rate is: 19.99% per year. Also the cash advance rate is: 19.99% per year. Travel cancelation is Included for this credit card and also travel accidents are Included.